About Us


We are the top 10 Industrial engineering solution provider in automation, painting and coating system,material handling solutions & automotive resistance spot welding

We live on the idea that every problem is an opportunity and every solution is composed of a multitude of ideas. We like to position ourselves as a solution center for all your material handling & engineering needs. Currently serving some of the biggest brands and centers in Malaysia we’re no stranger to the industry. We understand your needs and expectations. Our primary focus is to help you invest in sustainable infrastructure.

Since our establishment in 2008 we’ve been a critical component in the automotive and auto part industry, assembly and production, heavy industries, home appliance and general industries in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

We provide some of the best brands in the market for industrial tools and applications. And if you’re thinking of going local we even have our very own tools and applications to meet your needs with equal or better on quality. Ever moving forward and having focused on the needs and requirements by larger companies, we have created innovative, user-friendly applications that are now available to small and medium-sized companies.

We believe in the power of applied intelligence to support the ever progressing industry as we evolve technologically with each passing day.

Industrial Engineering Automation Solutions

Every manufacturer irregardless of size and capacity has to evaluate the viability of their products and process. Our input and expertise look into every aspect and corner of your business to not just improve but even revolutionize your manufacturing process. Enhance quality, speed up inspection, improve accuracy and decrease costs associated with labor, energy, and materials. With the right people and the right technology we provide smart solutions in full system design.

Material Handling Solutions

Industrial Material handling is the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Material handling incorporates a wide range of manual, semi-automated and fully automated equipment and systems that support logistics and make the supply chain work. We understand how design and application can have critical developments and consequences to any industry. Let us help you invest in sustainable infrastructure.

Painting & Coating System Solutions

For your industrial coating system solutions or lining projects, our certified coating consultants are the clear choice. Our services range from removing expired coatings safely to applying a full range of industrial coatings. We spare no expense in getting the best quality for the perfect finish. Our products are technologically driven to protect steel structures in a wide range of environments and industries. We only deliver excellence.

Automotive resistance Spot Welding Equipment Solutions

As leaders of the industry our goal is to acquire top performing resistance welding technology for the automotive and manufacturing industry with innovative robotic welding, manual welding and stationary welding systems. We offer everything your industry requires from spot welding and projection welding, to seam or butt welding. Our products are simply certified.


As an industry that supports many other engineering and manufacturing industries in the region we understand how crucial our support is to them. Our mission is to ensure excellent service with our list of outstanding products and projects. We aim for sustained growth as an organization but to never compromise on our values and quality. We characterize ourselves as an aggressive competitor in the market, winning over clients with exceptional quality and service today and many more years to come.


Our vision derives from our core function as an excellent partner to our vendors and clients. We strive to host a work environment that is not just progressive but also promotes growth where every employee is encouraged to reach for his or her fullest potential. We believe that people grow with the company not away from it. Values that we hold close to us as honesty, integrity and in doing the right this at any given aspect of our job and lives. Real People. Real Quality. Real Values.

Why Choose Us

System and Mechanical Designs are done in-house.

Every design you obtain from us is done internally. Communication is easier and you’re talking right to the experts when you come to us. Smart solutions in full system design.

Optimized Project Management Skills

Our team is well trained and well seasoned to handle any project you point our way. You will receive the critical expertise that will ease your projects and performance.

Great Customer Service

We take pride in our well trained team to understand and provide you with the best solution possible. We understand every company operates differently and our team is ready to tackle any inquiry you may have.

Leadership in product innovation

We believe in the 4th industrial revolution and are always keeping ahead with our own built systems, devices and products. We’re not just traders, we’re manufacturers ourselves.

Highly efficient, lowering cost.

Cost efficiency is the key and goal of our products. We’re believe efficiency is key in keeping cost down and precision in keeping our quality on par.

Our keen knowledge of the hoist, crane and industrial machinery industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. These solutions allow you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Further to explore more of our products included:

  • Heavy Duty Conveyor
  • Spot Welding Gun /Portable Gun with transformer/Controller
  • Andon / Poka yoke System
  • Table / Scissor Lifter
  • Shower Tester/Drizzle tester System
  • Industrial Manipulator Arm System

We invite you to contact us today so that we can discuss in details how we can help you.